Fashion for Men: The And tie – a different accessory

Watches, neckties, scarves – to lend a personal touch to his outfit, man must be able to think of something. Since the failed idea of the Danish label, Pral&Brok is right: the Andtie – scarf and a tie in a simple spice up any outfit and are and stylish eye-catcher in the urban jungle.

An accessory with many faces

One of them is that men of reason have fewer choices when it comes to your wardrobe. When it comes to festive evenin gwear, this may perhaps be right. In an outfit without dress code but there are many ways to give the look a personal touch. For the icing on the cake, no accessory seems to be more suitable than the Andtie. This trendy piece of jewellery is more than just the combination of scarf and tie.

With the Andtie stylish in summer and winter

The trendy Andtie-cravats, there are many different colours and designs: in winter, rustic fabrics provide high wool content for the warming properties of scarf and tie. Trendy patterns such as herringbone or pinstripe and muted colours such as black, grey and dark blue to match the outfits of the dark season. In summer pep fresh colours such as turquoise or dark colours with subtle accents of rose or yellow on the summery look. The summer Andties mainly come in trendy plaids and therefore consist of lightweight materials with a low percentage of wool.

Slung casually Andtie

The handling of the young fashion accessories is simple: Wrap the Andtie loosely around the shoulders, on the one hand, the tie, the scarf on the other. Now you thread the tie according to the desired length by one of the two superposed holes in the scarf. The scarf is beaten loosely around the neck – that is the trendy accessory with a twist.

The Andtie is versatile – depending on the pattern and colour, it can give a casual everyday look the necessary touch of elegance or loosen a finer outfit and make big town suitable. A fashionable eye-catcher is the refined Andtie in any case!