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The perfect sports bra

It gives of women a sense of security. However, the rich sports bras not normal to keep everything in shape despite the burden. Especially in the trunk, port carries the women’s world a sports bra that protects against stresses and strains of the connective tissue. You should pay attention to certain things when buying a bra otherwise it will quickly wear.

How do I find the right bra size?

For a good grip and a comfortable feel the need sports bra fitted properly, without lace. For this reason, it is advisable to consult a specialist. If you prefer to purchase internet, you can find bras at online stores for fashion brands.

What sports bra do I need?

Usually a sports bra comes in four degrees of intensity:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Extreme

These depend on the intensity of the sport, you exert. For gymnastics, mostly a low enough sports bra – Medium. In sports such as basketball or football sports – High. Extreme comes with a very high load – for sport riding or jogging.

Healing power of the Far East – The Shamballa Bracelet

For several months, we meet again on the so-called Shamballa Bracelets, whether on the Internet, in fashion magazines or on one or the other celebrities. However, what is that, which really makes these bracelets unique and why they are so popular with us? The origin is first in the Hindu-Tibetan area, where the Shamballa bracelet, specifically the star that is engraved on each of the stones. They have healing powers.

Selection of jewellery – ‘Light of Love’

‘Light of Love’ translates as Shamballa. The bracelet is made of several stones that are decorated differently, with gold, silver or diamonds and have different engravings. A solid band braids them, which also can be find in various designs.A great custom design, an interesting origin and an auspicious character, the Shamballa bracelet around the world fashion trend and it will probably continue to follow further as ‘Light of Love’.

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